By: Sarah Weeks

Literally Elements

Conflict - The conflict was Polly Portman died and everybody wanted the secret pie crust recipe.

Main Characters - Polly Portman, Alice, and Charlie Erdling

Setting - Ipswitch, Pennsylvania

Theme - To reread everything because it might mean something else.

Point of View - The point of view was in 3rd person.

Plot summary -

Polly Portman has a gift of making pies. Everybody would come just to the town just to try her pies. She had even one 13 blueberry awards in a row. One tragic day Polly died. Everybody was so upset. Then the big question came who will get the famous pie crust recipe? What will people do just to get that recipe?

My opinion on " Pie "

This a wonderful book. A great mystery and not to long. I would give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. I do recommend this book!