Technology Class

Lineville Intermediate Class


  • iMovie is a fun app on your Ipad to make movies !
  • In iMovie we learned how to make funky and fun movies and add clips and videos to your movie to make them for school and fun and there really easy to make.
  • You can make your movie on any topic you want and make your movie different themes. You can also even add sound effects to your movie like someone laughing or an applause to your movie.
  • iMovie is a really fun way to make school projects and if you want to save them to your camera roll on your Ipad you can! you also can send them to your teacher or email to friends or just save them on iMovie.


  • iTrailer is on the app iMovie but you can make a trailer for the movie you did or just for fun.
  • If you want you can add clips or videos from your iMovie or your camera roll.
  • On iTrailer you can pick one out of 14 funky and fun themes that fit your topic.
  • iTrailer has credits that you can edit to pick who helped with the trailer.

Haiku Deck

  • In Haiku Deck we learned how to present a slideshow with information that you know to others or for fun.
  • You can pick a layout and a format for your text and your background.
  • On Haiku Deck you can add as many slides as you want to your presentation and you can search pictures on the app to add to your slides.

Explain Everything

  • In Explain Everything you create a slide presentation that you can add color shapes and record your voice so you can present a topic.
  • Explain Everything let's you pick a color for your background and color for your text and you can write on it. It also lets you add in images from the web.
  • You have infinite space so you can explain everything!
  • There is also a laser option to show where your talking about while your recording.
  • There is no trouble presenting something while using Explain Everything because you can save to your camera roll from the app and send it to a friend or a teacher.

Go Animate

  • You can make an animated/cartoon show. You can also add on props and backgrounds to make your show come alive.
  • On Go Animate you are the boss of your animation you pick what they say and even how they talk, what language or accent they have.
  • It's very adjustable so you can have them switch background and add on characters and make them move whenever they want.