Mark of Athena

By Rick Riordan

A young group of demigod heroes, on an impossible mission they cannot complete.

But they have to try. If Annabeth doesn't get her boyfriend back, she won't be able to face the on coming terrors of her mission. If Leo isn't accepted into the group, what will he do? Will he always be the seventh wheel, just as Nemesis predicted? If Hazel can't control her ''gift'', will those who touch the cursed rock be cursed forevermore? If Franks piece of survival wood burns, will he burn too? How can Jason chose, between his beloved camp or his loving, caring, marvelous girlfriend Piper? And Piper, wishing to be in Jason's arms , can't if they are on a treacherous mission, threatening to break them apart. Percy, most important of all, has to recover from being brainwashed by the queen of the gods, Hera. Enjoy this marvelous tale about love, family, friends, life, and most important of all, saving the world from deadly forces coming together to destroy the world as we know it.

This was, Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan.

Summary for Mark of Athena

Mark of Athena is a thrilling tale about seven half-bloods on a quest to save the world. All of them are facing various challenges. Leo will always be the seventh wheel. Hazel will always fear those in her love life. Then, they all suddenly become connected, closer than brother and sister. They have achieved more than any other half-blood had, has, or will ever have, dead or alive. Then, when they are finally done with their quest, everybody safe, Arachne has to ruin it all. Pulling Percy and Annabeth into the depths of Tartarus, the place where all monsters eventually re-form. Will the couple make it out alive? Dun, Dun, Dun!............

Product details

  • Age Range: 10 & up
  • Grade level: 4th & up
  • Hardback: 574 pages
  • Language: English

Editorial Review

Mark of Athena is a beautiful tale about seven teenagers that must go on a quest to save the world. These teens are not the average teens who go to midnight parties and get bad marks in geometry. No, these children are Half god, half Human. Yes, all the Greek gods and goddesses are real and alive, and at this very moment, living at the top of the empire state building on the 600th floor. Yes, in our world, there is no 600th floor. But that is in our world. Travel into Rick Riordans very imaginative, very creative world of: Percy Jackson.

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