38 Sponsoring Convos in 13 Days!

Team Blue Topaz

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We hit our goal in booking conversations!!! At this point, we have had 66 booking conversations and this activity is what has gotten us to 19 trunk shows as a team for the month. Keep going and keep booking. I will draw for the mirror at the end of the month, so if you haven't gotten your name in the hat, there is still time.

I still have $50 in Product Credit that I want to give away for sponsoring conversations. Remember we have our spring capsule collection being released in December and you are going to want a piece of it! We are only 38 convos away!! I bet we could do this by the end of the month!!! Who is in????

If every active stylist on our team talked to 3 people about the stylist opportunity, we will be there. Shall we go for it?

Sponsor Your Hostesses

Could we look back and mention to your past hostesses that they might be great for Stella & Dot and would love for them to join you? Or do you think one of your upcoming hostesses might be great? Here is a great call about sponsoring your hostess. They are the "low hanging fruit of sponsoring" and why not just call them up and say "Hey, I think you would be an amazing stylist, what do you think? Am I crazy?" Then BOOM, the conversation has begun and you get a TURKEY!!! http://com.stelladot.stylists.s3.amazonaws.com/audio/trainingcalls/May%20Calls/Sponsoring/SponsoringYourHostessKristynandMeganKophs.mp3

Also, if you haven't yet sponsored, you can checkout SDU and learn the 3 Steps to Sponsoring. http://sdu.stelladot.com/content/3-steps-sponsor

Prospecting Convo

Last week, on Danielle's booking/sponsporing call with Zandra Gay, they posted these talking points for your sponsoring conversations. If you would like to hear the call, I thought it was great and a reminder that booking and sponsoring conversations don't have to be long and drawn out! http://bit.ly/1txykRz

Prospecting Talking Points
HI Molly, How are you? I was just thinking about you when I saw the release of our new Holiday Collection at Stella & Dot – and this week our new initial charms too! It’s such an exciting season, such an exciting new line, and I couldn’t help but think— such an exciting opportunity for YOU! I was really calling to see if you would love to get all kinds of free accessories for the holiday season by hosting a Trunk Show… I have the 15th and 16th still open… but I just realized, YOU should be the Stylist and not me because as a Stylist not only do you get tons of free product, but you also get the cash!
You know, I love being a Stylist— it just works for me! I love going out to style friends and coming home with a couple hundred extra dollars. Especially during the holiday season! Stella & Dot is growing and I think you would be perfect to grow with us! Would you like to hear more about how easy it is to earn?

Yes – share how simple it is to hold 4 trunk shows, earn $1000 on average, and then you’re completely profitable! I’ll send you a link to our latest webinar right now, and then give you a call tomorrow to see what intrigued you most!

No – no problem, let’s do that trunk show and get your gift shopping started- and your holiday style done! I’ve got the 15th or 16th – which works better for you?

No? That’s okay – what caught your eye? I can just order that up for you right now and you’ll have it in a few days!

No? You know what Molly, that’s no problem! If you know someone who would love free accessories or may be looking for some additional income right now, I love referrals, so send them my way! I really appreciate your time and I’d love to be your personal stylist, so next time you need a great gift or to jazz up that LBD for the holidays, let me know and we can do it quickly and easily online. You can even text me a pic of your LBD and I’ll text you a few ideas back. Thanks again – and do email me any referrals you may think of! I really appreciate it.

Let's Do This!!!!!!