Mrs. Jessica & Mrs Jennifer's Class

What we've been up to this week!

August 26-29

*Nursery Rhyme
Who liked broth like the Old Woman in the shoe fed her children? 6 out of 9 children did!

*Potluck Lunch
The children (and teachers) had so much fun at our potluck lunch this past week! Thank you all for participating! The children did great tasting all the different foods. They are doing so well beginning to recognize their names.

*Bible Verse
“Learn to do what is right.” Isaiah 1:17
Be sure to ask your child to share the memory verse with you. They all know it!

We love circle time!

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Coming Up

*I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed your extra day off! I had a great time relaxing with my family, and getting caught up on some household chores. :)

This month, we begin focusing on one letter of the alphabet each week. Letter Aa is our first one. Wednesday is our Letter Aa show and tell. Please help your child find something that begins with the letter A. The children really enjoy showing and sharing with their classmates. Thank you all for participating. :)