Summer ELL Teaching Apprenticeship*

Oakland International High School

June 29th-July 31st, 2015

About OIHS & Our Summer School Program:

The mission of Oakland International High School (OIHS) is to provide quality alternative education for recently-arrived immigrant students in English language acquisition and in preparation for college. Part of the Internationals Network for Public Schools (, OIHS is an educational leader, in California and nation-wide, for its work with English Language Learners that reverses unacceptable trends in immigrant student “failures.”

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Because many of our students arrive with limited English and significant gaps in their formal schooling, summer school is critical, allowing students to deepen their English skills and earn additional credits toward graduation. It also offers our students supportive, structured environments during the summer months.
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Our Model:

At Oakland International, no student is anonymous. Our small size and our team structure allow personalization, growth, and success for our students. All our teachers are trained in the Internationals Approach to teach students to improve their speaking, writing, and reading skills in English.

We believe that English language acquisition is best fostered in an academic environment in which students participate in 1) Heterogeneous groups 2) Project based curriculum 3) English development is integrated into all content areas. Working in small groups, students learn academic content, art, music and technology through exciting, rigorous, hands-on projects as they learn their new language. Summer school classes use these same models and principles.

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Teaching Apprenticeships:

We are looking for aspiring teachers and teachers-in-training to participate in our 5 week summer school program for English Language Learners throughout Oakland, a lab school for educators seeking to deepen their expertise and skills in working with ELL students.

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Duty Description:

  • Summer school runs from Monday, June 30th to Friday, July 31st, 8:30-2:30. We need Teacher Apprentices to commit to a minimum of 10 hours/week during this time period.
  • Teacher Apprentices Will:
    • Work with teachers to support student English language development
    • Facilitate language learning in whole class, small group, and one on one settings
    • Collaborate to build and sustain a caring classroom environment
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What’s in it for You?

In addition to contributing to a vibrant community of students and educators, Teacher Apprentices will:

  • Build expertise working with English Language Learners
  • Be trained in the international principles—relevant and useful in any ELL education context
  • Have opportunities to practice instruction and shape curriculum with support and feedback from master teachers
  • Build skills in classroom management
  • Learn more about the backgrounds, needs and assets of California’s emerging and established immigrant groups
  • Document evidence of student learning with photography, film, interviews, and collection of student work
  • Reflect on your own learning as a Teacher Apprentice and enhance your own portfolio
  • Receive recommendations from teachers and principals for future teaching job applications

Building relationships & practicing English with caring adults can make a marked difference in our students’ transitions to life & school in Oakland. Teacher Apprentices will forge deep relationships with our school, our students & our staff.

*This is not a paid position.

Interested? Questions?

Contact Summer School Principal

Veronica Garcia Montejano


Oakland International High School
4521 Webster St, Oakland, CA 94609
(510) 879-2142