Sun and Shadow

By: Ray Bradbury

Plot Line: A story about a man standing up for what is his

Exposition: Ricardo is arguing with his wife about a photographer and a model taking pictures in their alley.

Rising Action: Ricardo goes down to confront the photographer and model in the alley.

Climax: Ricardo drops his pants to stop the photographer from taking pictures, and a dog pees on the alley wall.

Falling Action: The photographer calls over a policeman to arrest Ricardo, but the Policeman and Ricardo are friends.

Resolution: The photographer leaves.

Theme: Stand up for what you believe in

Throughout the story Ricardo constantly takes action standing up for what he believes in, confronting the photographer about taking pictures in his alley. Ricardo even goes to the extreme of taking his pants of to stop the photographer from taking photos.

Major Characters...

Ricardo - Confident and easily agitated. An example of this would be when he started yelling at the photographer for taking photos in his alley.

The Photographer - Arrogant and cocky. An example of this would be when he called over a policeman to arrest Ricardo.

Major Conflict...

The major conflict of the story was the photographer taking photos in Ricardo's alley.

Literary Devices...

Figurative Language - "said Ricardo, his brown eyes flashing." The author used figurative language multiple times throughout the short story to emphasize feelings and increase the overall understanding of the story for the reader.