The Kaubin Chronicle

Elizabeth Haddon School - Haddonfield, NJ


Dear Families,

Welcome to the first edition of The Kaubin Chronicle, our biweekly newsletter that will be sent home every other Friday to give you a sneak-peek in to what we have been up to in Room 200. Information can also be found on my eBoard site on the Elizabeth Haddon School Website. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at or at school at (856) 429-0811 ext. 124. Communication is key to a successful year. I would like to reiterate how thrilled I am to be your child’s teacher. “Work” is the highlight of my day! Thanks for a great start! Happy Learning!

Reader's Workshop

Readers reviewed how to choose a "just-right" book. Students were led through the expectations of using think-notes as they read during workshop time. We discussed reading strategies including retelling, summarizing, predicting, inferring, and identifying troubling or interesting vocabulary using context clues. Students practiced reading using each strategy for an extended period of time each day. Our independent reading stamina is through the roof! Readers were introduced to our Cozy Schedule, which is a special place where they may read each day. Our Cozy Schedule will change each week. Reader's visited the Library where they checked out books that interested them. Next week, our Journey's curriculum begins! Hooray!

Mr. Bissinger visited to read us a few of his favorite books. How lucky are we?! Check out the pictures below!

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Writer's Workshop

Authors hit the ground running during Writer's Workshop. Each student established a Writing Territories List, where they will compile ideas for writing pieces as the year progresses. We drafted personal narratives about small moments during the summer, and students wrote final drafts that were hung up at Back to School Night. We discussed using the five senses when writing a personal narrative story and how to engage your reader in the moment as opposed to just telling him/her what happened. In addition, authors crafted "I Am..." poems. We read The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown and students identified what made them special and unique. Stop by to check out our "I Am..." poems hanging in our classroom!


Mathletes set up their Math Tool Kits to be used during M.A.T.H centers each week. Students were introduced to each center.. M-Math Facts, A-At Your Seat, T-Teacher Led, H-Hands On. We discussed the expectations for each center. Mathletes played math games on the iPads, discovered fractions of a whole while exploring geometric toys, and played a few rounds of "I Have, Who Has..." Ask your child how to play!


"If you could be any animal or plant, what would you be?" "Where would you live?" "What sorts of things would you need in your home to survive?" These three questions facilitated investigations as Scientists began the study of Organisms and their Environments. We used what we know about word patterns to define "ecosystems". We categorized living and non-living things in our environment. The quality of our intellectual, scientific debate led us to question whether some things were living or non-living; for example - air, water, weather... Soon we will define what it means to be living and non-living, and learn why both are essential to the life of an ecosystem.

Social Studies

Geographers took a closer look at their unique “place in the world” as we explored Haddonfield’s historical presence. We made Geography flip-books describing where we belong on Earth. Students attempted to comprehend the size of the universe that we live in.. We decided it's so big that people will never fully understand, and it's probably better that way.


Next Week's Highlights

Monday, 9/15

  • Day 3: Spanish, PE

Tuesday, 9/16

  • Day 4: Music, Computer Lab

Wednesday, 9/17

  • Day 5: Spanish

Thursday, 9/18

  • Day 6: Art, Chorus

Friday, 9/19

  • Day 1: Health, PE

Coming Soon

Rosh Hashanah - No School, September 25

Individual Student Pictures, October 8

Early Dismissal, October 13

Fall Fair, October 25

Halloween Party & Parade, October 31