Fresh Laundry Room

Make your Laundry Room eco-friendly

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What happened to the leopard that fell into the washing machine?

He came out spotless! A laundry room is a service area in everyone's house. It's where you do laundry- hence the name.

Natural Laundry Detergent

Not only is this laundry detergent good for the environment, but all the ingredients you probably have laying around your house! All you'll need is borax, washing soap, and a bar of unscented soap. It's also cheaper to recycle what you have than to go buy a some every other week. It also leaves your house smelling fresh and inviting.

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Use Cold Water

Sure, cold water washed clothes take longer to dry, but it also saves you money, and takes loads off your energy bill. Get it, LOADS?! Cold water works well with most laundry detergents and doesn't shrink your clothes like hot water would.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Everyone has bins and containers lying around the house that you can't find a use for. Why not use it to make a stylish laundry hamper? You don't have to drive out to get one which not only costs money, but is harmful to the environment. #teambike

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