Madi Condron :)

ima book nerd

All About MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

I loooove books. Even more than I love my friends and that saying something because I love my friends a lot. I also play saxophone in the AMS and AHS bands and I have taken art class for the last 4 years. I <3 anything that is aesthetic. Here is a video that I think describes me pretty well.......
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Jake and the Dancing Bug!!!!!!

List of words that describe me!

Artistic, affectionate, dependable, diligent, honest, methodical, loyal, reliable, book-loving, and Im quite at first but once you get to know me Im a really good talker.

Things that inspire me!

My Hobbies, beliefs, Influences, and Places that have Impacted Me

What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!!!!!!

Most of my hobbies are reading books like my favorite, Harry Potter, listening to music, or watching TV. My favorite shows are Doctor Who, Forever, Adventure Time, and Sherlock, I am a believer of Jesus Christ but i'm not a beliber of Justin Beiber, and my favorite bands/singers are Fall Out Boy, Green Day,, OneRepublic, and Taylor Swift. Here is an awesome song by Fall Out Boy,


Immortals [From Big Hero 6] by FallOutBoy