Daily News: Croatan Sound Estuary

By: Olivia Kingman

Where is Croatan Sound located?

The Croatan Sound is located on the Outer Banks. It separates Roanoke Island and the towns of Wanchese and Manteo from the mainland. It buffers itself from the small town of Manns Harbor and the Dare County Mainland.
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Estuaries are important to natural places. The provide goods and services to the animals and plants. They provide nurseries for the animals and aquatic plants. Since the estuary was once a marsh itself, now it is bordered by sea grasses. There are also alligators creeping the floor of the Croatan Sound. If your fishing out in the estuary, you may find some crab and clam and if you look around the estuary you'll definitely see some towering pines.

Streams, Rivers, or waterways fed into the Croatan Sound / Threats to the Croatan and other Estuaries

Serving as an actual channel between the expansive Albemarle Sound and the Pamlico Sound, and fed by the Albemarle's many smaller streams and estuaries, flowing water is continuous along the Croatan Sound. Excessive harvesting by commercial fishermen, lack of regulation of the recreational fishery, and pollution all contributed to leaving of fish. In general, all the estuaries in North Carolina have some kind of pollution in them whether its oil, waste, asphalt, concrete, pesticides, mercury, dioxin, and asphyxiation.