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The Monroe Doctrine: Right or Wrong?

This past week, President James Monroe declared the Monroe Doctrine on December 2. This doctrine states that Europe (specifically Britain) has no right to come into the Northern Hemisphere and colonize any land, specifically Latin America. It would be considered an act of aggression. America said they would need to interfere if any of this happened and they went against the issued doctrine. Britain is happening to obey the doctrine, desiring neutrality overseas. Some people are outraged by this doctrine. Although President Monroe issued this doctrine, and we should trust him as American citizens, people are thinking this is a mistake. Could war eventually come out of this? What are Latin America's thoughts and why is no one asking them their perspective? These are some of the questions people have been asking. President Monroe issued this doctrine to set a precedent that North America is officially its own free land. Although we, as America, are still a young country with a not very large navy or army to enforce this, it still tells Britain to STAY OUT. Despite some American doubts, there has also been some positive feedback. Citizens are saying that they like having their own freedom and they'd like to keep it that way. With Britain not being able to colonize all of America, it keeps our freedom. So, is this doctrine appropriately keeping our freedom or is it too far in risking war or anything else? Could it be America's desire for power? You be the judge.
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