Mrs. Britton- English 9

What's Up in 132

1 Down...1 To Go!

This is the last week of the first nine weeks. Grades will be finalized today, and report cards will go home next week. I have really enjoyed getting to know all of my students this semester. I have WONDERFUL classes, and I look forward to seeing them every day! I know that is what a teacher is "supposed" to say, but I truly do mean it! Thank you for sharing your children with me! They are such a blessing.

Registration Forms

All students should be turning in registration forms! I will collect from my second block (PreAP). If your child is struggling with this, a counselor will help them work through it. Please help remind your child to get these turned in ASAP.

English Play- Tarzan

Due to weather on the original scheduled date, we will now be going to see Tarzan on Monday (16). Students need to arrive at 7:45 and meet in the library. Those that are bus riders will need to immediately load the buses on the North end when they arrive. This is only for those that turned in signed permission slips and paid money. Please remind your child if they are attending.

What makes a hero? - Matthew Winkler

Weekly Quizzes

Your student will have a DGP (daily grammar practice) and Vocabulary quiz each week. They will also have a vocabulary assignment due each week. We work with these throughout the week and students have material to study. Please encourage them to spend some time with this each night.