There Will Come Soft Rains

By: Sara Teasdale


Sara Teasdale

~ The author of this poem was born in 1884 in St. Louis, Missouri.

~ In 1914, Sara married Ernst Filsinger.

~ Since Sara traveled to Chicago so often, she was apart of the circle surrounding Poetry Magazine

~ The first poems she published were Sonnets To Duse and Other Poems, which was her first volume.

~ Helen of Troy and Other Poems was her second collection and her third was Rivers to the Sea.

~ Sara's work was always known and characterized by its simplicity and clarity.

~ She used classical forms which made her work passionate and romantic.

~ This author had a total of 7 collections.

~ Sara then divorced and lived the rest of life as a semi-invalid.

~ In 1933, she committed suicide with overdose of barbiturates.


There Will Come Soft Rains


Poem's Elements of Form

~ This poem is made up of 12 lines.

~ is made up of 6 stanzas, each made up of a rhyming couplet.

~ first three stanzas have literal meaning.

~ last three stanzas have figurative meaning.

~ Personification: "And spring herself, when she woke at dawn..."

~ Alliteration: "And swallows circling with their shimmering sound."

~ It is somewhat close enough to be a called a sonnet but does not meet the length requirement.

~ This poem doesn't necessarily fit into a certain type of poem of form.

~ This type of poem has a specific rhyme scheme and somewhat an organization of the subject matter or what it is about.

~ There Will Come Soft Rains also fits into the type of poem known as a lyric.

~ That means that it is a short poem and could, if wanted, be sung or made into a song.

~ It expresses thought, feeling, and opinion.

~ The fixed rhyme scheme of this poem is (AABBCCDDEEFF)

~ Has a somewhat regular iambic meter.

Poem's Meaning

~ deals with the subsistence of mankind and nature.

~ emphasizes the existence of mankind and nature in two different worlds.

~ describes the senseless destruction of humankind by their own hands by war.

~ this poem is Sara's response to hatred and disgusted feeling she has toward World War II.

~ She takes a different approach in this poem towards nature and says that it will not only keep growing but will carry on without noticing "that we were gone."

~ was written during the war and was about the effects of war on nature.

~ Sara basically criticizes our perception of of war.

~ this poem puts things into perspective which makes humans and people seem ignorant or full of themselves.

~ saying that Man is heading and rushing right towards his own destruction.

~ conveys a sense of detachment.

~ earth will neither nor or care that mankind has come and gone.


My Opinion

I think this poem is a very sad, and depressing one. It is full of death, somewhat violence, and for-telling of what is to come. I think it is sad that this is what the world may come to someday and realizing that this world may come to end because of human's fault and destruction in war.