Grades are Changing!

And that's a good thing...

Here's the skinny...

Hello parents! Harmony grades are beginning to change as we wind down the school year and grading period. Quiz and test scores have been on the rise and I thinks it's fair to grade them on their most recent performances.

So...If you peek at Harmony over the next few days you might see empty boxes where grades used to be. That's ok...I am removing the two lowest quiz grades for the unit. Also, I will be adjusting test grades after we finish our test tomorrow! Tomorrow is our 4th and final counting test for the marking period. Remember, the highest test score of the 4 will also replace two lower scores. I will be making those changes next week.

Finally...we are not done with our math endeavors. Our unit is over but we will be reviewing all math concepts to prepare for next year. This will keep some of the "older" concepts fresh prior to summer break. My hope is that they will retain it better and impress their new 7th grade math teacher!

If you have questions please let me know. Thank you!

Mr. Carter