Year 5 Newsletter

Friday 18th March 2016

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Welcome to the Year 5 newsletter!

Dear Parents,

Thank you all for taking the time to come to our Three Way Conferences. The students have thoroughly enjoyed sharing their learning with you and are proud of their achievements so far in Year 5. Thank you for your reflections that you recorded on the Padlet. We value your feedback and it was lovely to hear your positive comments.

In the classroom, the students have continued to work hard on their advertising and persuasion tasks. Mr Tibble has been in to each of the Year 5 classrooms to share his expertise on how to make videos on iMovie. The children have all enjoyed using their creatively and technical abilities to create their own short advertising clips (filming, adding voice overs, adding music and editing their final cut). They have also learnt about key principles when designing a poster and have had a chance at putting these into practise when creating an advertising poster in groups.

Last week the children in 5D, 5A & 5B went on an exciting Media Tour of Central to support their Inquiry. They used iPads to collect examples of advertising and media messages which they will be reflecting on back in class. A big thank you to all the parent volunteers who supported the groups to make the trips a success.

We were lucky enough to have a guest speaker from CNN joining us last week to talk to the students about digital news reporting. It was fascinating to hear how the journalists write and edit articles in order to attract readers to the news website. We would like to say a huge thank you to Hilary Whiteman for giving up her time to share her knowledge with the Year 5s!

A reminder that school breaks up for Easter on Thursday 24th April at midday. We wish you and your families a relaxing and chocolate-filled break!

The Year 5 Team

Unit of inquiry

Next week we will be introducing our new unit: How We Organise Ourselves.

Central Idea: Economic activity relies on systems of production, exchange and

consumption of goods and services.

Lines of Inquiry:

● The role of supply and demand (function, supply and demand)

● The distribution of goods and services (connection, interdependence)

● How economic activity affects our lives (connection, needs and want)

In this unit, the students will be using the skills they have developed over the last five weeks to advertise a product that they have created and persuade students at Kennedy school to buy it. They will be working hard in groups to prepare for their 'Market Day' on 17th May by allocating different roles within their groups, making decisions collectively and working to deadlines. Exciting times ahead for Year 5!

With this in mind, the homework this week is to visit a market and explore how sellers promote their products and investigate the choices made by consumers. We urge your child to take this opportunity to replenish and restock their pencil cases with the necessary equipment. At this stage in the year, many students are lacking these essential items. We look forward to seeing their pencil cases being full again!


We will be continuing our units in Mathematics on Fractions, Decimals, Percentage & Ratio and Space until Friday 22nd April. The I can statements are:

  • Understand the relationship and convert between common fractions and decimal fractions

  • Simplify fractions to the lowest common denominator

  • Model, read, write and compare improper fractions and mixed numbers

  • Model, read, write and compare percentages understanding them as the number of parts in every 100

  • Model and solve simple problems involving ratio and proportion

  • Model and solve simple problems involving fractions

A reminder that children can support their learning in the classroom by completing the Mathletics activities online. Well done to all the children who have already collected awards for their participation so far!


We will be continuing with the following activities for the next 3 school weeks up to and including Tuesday 19th April:


LIONS - Hockey

PHOENIX - Athletics

UNICORNS - Netball


Children playing rugby are strongly recommended to wear a pre-moulded mouth guard to every session. Children playing hockey must wear a pre-moulded mouth guard, long socks and shin pads to every session. All available from the PTA!

Important Dates:

  • 24th March Term Ends 12 noon
  • 14th April 5B Assembly
  • 21st April 5S Assembly
  • 4th May Summer swimming program begins
  • 17th May Market Day (more information to come)