Deeksha Sriram, Nikita Nasta, Neil Bhamoo, Eugene Han

Our city is based off of the Peripheral Model.

Why the Peripheral Model?

We chose the Peripheral Model because the overall structure is more organized, and it provides easier access to services for the people, whereas other models have a lot of problems, such as deteriorating housing and ghettos, while in the Peripheral Model, these problems are close to non-existent.
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Our city is facing two issues, which we have solutions to.

Issue #1

Our city is facing a poor economy. There are limited jobs available in our city, so some people are unemployed. In order to solve this crisis, we are going to build some Wal-marts and Ikeas. These stores will be an ideal opportunity for people to get a job and earn some money for their families, while the stores will highly benefit the entire city by providing goods for everyone.

Issue #2

Another crisis our city is facing is the lack of space. There is no more land area to add things that citizens want. In order to solve this problem, we have decided to cut down a lot of trees and smash down old building for new space. Yes, old building are important, but the world is evolving and we cannot preserve such things anymore- we will keep one or two. Trees are not important anymore either because they do not do much for us and we could really use the space.

Current Urban Renewal Project

Keep Coppell Beautiful (KEB)

An Urban Renewal project we are currently working on is the Keep Coppell Beautiful committee. This committee does many things to help the structure of some things in a city. For example, just recently, we helped rebuild a new Kids Country which benefited much of Coppell's population because the younger citizens now have an entertainment center that they enjoy very much and the older ones have a place they can go to picnic, have a nice walk, or simply to chat. We also help organize annual Earthfests to tell other people how they can improve the city.