A Mice Of Men


Theme-The Predatory Nature of Human Existence

This theme is showing that Lennie and everyone else on the farm is lonely. While everyone looks for companionship with new people. Lennie stays attached to George for guidance and companionship.


In the Beginning of the book George and Lennie are walking on the country side looking for work and a house to stay in. They eventually find the farm and talk to the boss to see if they can get a job.

A Ranch house

In the picture above Lennie has always wanted to live on a farm with George and wants to tend to Rabbits, because he loves being kind and gentle to animals.

Lennie was a follower

This picture shows George being a leader in the front, while Lennie is a follower and does what ever George does.

Theme "The Impossibility of the American Dream"

This quote is a theme that shows everyone in the story wants a better life, but are held back by something.

Lennie's strength

This picture captures the size and strength of Lennie vs the size of George. At the beginning of the book George orders Lennie to lift up the wagon, and he does so with fatigue. Then George hangs on the wheel of it, in which everyone is amazed on how strong Lennie is.


The theme innocence leads to Lennie in which he should be blamed for his behavior. He has a disability that makes his mind act like a child's in a grown mans body. He cant control his actions. He talks simple and understands little.
Of Mice and Men (6/10) Movie CLIP - Lennie Fights Back (1992) HD

Lennie fights back

This is when Curly is angry and gets mad at Lennie for laughing. So he punches Lennie until George tells him to fight back. Lennie grabs his hand and squeezes it until he brakes Curleys hand. Then George has trouble getting Lennie to let go.

Lennie kills

Near the end of the book Lennie is tending to the puppies while Curleys wife walks in, and talks to Lennie. Next thing you know they are talking about her hair and she says that he can feel it if he wants to. Then he touches it and grips it to hard. She screams, and Lennie covers her mouth so no one will hear her. He just doesn't want to get in trouble by George again. Then she keeps screaming and he eventually squeezes her neck and mouth so hard that she dies.

The Chase

After Lennie kills curleys wife, Curleys is enraged with anger. He rally's up a crew and goes out to find and kill Lennie.

The End

While Curley's and the rest of the men look for Lennie, George goes out on his own to find him. He finds him right away at the spot George told Lennie to run if he ever got in trouble. He talks to him and knows that he did something terrible. So George decides that he needs to kill Lennie and he does. He does it humanly while he is looking away, George shoots him in the back.


"tell me about the rabbits george" George in the end distracts Lennie by telling him about the ranch house they are going to have. This quote also connects to the theme of innocence because he doesn't know that he did a bad thing by killing curleys wife.