Most Important I.T. Rules

By: Amanda Reed

Always use appropriate language on the internet and be polite while talking to people.

If you're mean to people on the internet, the won't want to talk to you, and they could find it very rude and annoying. If you are being mean to someone online, they could take it very seriously. If it gets really bad, they might even attempt suicide. Don't use inappropriate language online. Everything you post online stays there, even if you delete it.

Do not tell anyone your password or personal information.

If you tell someone your password, they could hack into your things. They can mess up your account and pretend to be you. They could also post/change things on your account. Also, don't tell anyone your personal information online, especially people that you don't know in real life. For example, if you tell someone your phone number, they could track it and find out where you live.

Technology gives us great power, but with that comes responsibility.

Don't steal another person's work.

Stealing someone else's work and claiming it as your own is not only disrespectful, it's illegal. That person worked hard on the article or paragraph(s) they wrote and don't want people stealing it and saying that it's their own. When you use someone else's work, always make sure that you give credit and write where you got it from.

Using computers is a privilege, not a right.

The school isn't responsible for any damage, charges, or lost information.

If you sign up for any upgrades or something else that requires payment, the school won't pay for it. You'll be charged with anything you do that needs to be paid for, so don't expect the school to pay the fees.

Do not download files or software that is unauthorized.

Always make sure to ask the teacher or another adult before downloading any files or software. They could have viruses or unsafe content. They also take up space on the device that could be used for other important things.

School technology systems are never private.

Teachers are always able to access your accounts and see what are doing and what you have done. Nothing you do on the internet is private. If you are doing inappropriate or illegal activities on the internet, you will be caught, and possibly reported. Always be safe with what you're doing on the internet.