Animal Testing

Cruel and Unnecessary


Don't you just love animals? They are so cute and sweet! Did you know these cute, sweet animals are being mindlessly murdered for our own selfish gain? Animal testing is unnecessary, unreasonable and needs to be stopped.


  • animal testing sometimes doesn't even benefit us.
  • animals react differently to certain drugs than humans do.
  • enough medication to knock out a whole town won't effect some animals at all
  • there are new things that can be used such as fake human skin, but we're still burning skin on pigs.


  • The animal welfare act does not require pain medications to be administered to animals.
  • Many of the tests are extremely cruel, such as breaking mice backs, or drowning them as a "stress experiment".
  • Some procedures are not properly carried out.
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Why they are wrong.

  • I understand sometimes it may be necessary for medical uses.
  • Cosmetic testing is not nessicary.
  • There are other options.
  • 900 cures for cancer in mice

End the suffering.

  • Animal testing should be stopped.
  • Don't support companies who test on animals.
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