Hello Everyone,

An exciting FYI that we are pleased to share with you. We have just finished shooting our first short film, No Women’s Face Remember. As Executive Producers, we hope to premier later this year at Festival de Cannes.

A thought-provoking piece around relationships and a woman’s coming of age in a world of entitlement. The film is a beautiful inverse take on Shakespeare The Tempest, while bringing attention to California’s impending drought crisis.

No Woman's Face Remember is a short film Executive Produced by Dr. Fred Sternbach and Stephen Miller, directed by Chuck Griffith and produced by Lou Peterson. It is inspired by Antonioni's L'Eclisse, Wim Wenders' Paris, Texas, and Terrance Malick's Badlands.

For your viewing pleasure, we have included a sneak preview into the film.

Fred & Stephen

Executive Producers

Matthew Goodman

Assistant To The Executive Producers