Creativity opens people's eyes to the world


Do you remember all those cute movies you watched when you were younger? Do you remember your favorite childhood cartoons? They were all created by animators. Animation has been around seen the twentieth century but it got better around the forty's. Animation is a fascinating job, where you can express your creativity. That's exactly what you get paid for.

Don't worry I know some might not want to draw cartoons but there are many different jobs that are in the industry. You know your favorite video game, well what would you say if I told you, you could create your own. You can work with background drawings, cartoons, video games, movies and much more. This is just a little preview of the amazing job of animation.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney and his brother Roy O. Disney got together with an animator to create the first ever cartoon. It was known as Steamboat Willie. Soon after more characters were made and Snow White came out as the first full length movie. The Animation industry kept evolving into what we have now. Our cartoons are made with more detail and much more life likeness.

School... DUN DUN DUN

I know a lot of you might not want to go to school for even more years but maybe you won't have to. Some of the people who offer jobs say you don't need a college degree as long as you can show your true talent to them. However others would prefer you to have a bachelors degree in something like computer graphics or just animation.


The movies and cartoons that the animators produce make children and some adults very happy. Parents say that Disney is helping kids to understand their emotions. Ever since the inside out movie came into theaters it's been used with kids. It helps them show how they feel to others. I just think it's amazing how a movie could help so many people in way you never thought of.


The average amount of money you earn is between $50,194 and $58,510. The amount of money changes as you advance throughout the job. The highest animators earn around $99,830 and up.

Typical day?

A typical day is first of all getting to work. At some places they have this thing called dailie, where you speak and idea or multiple ideas to be critiqued. There's usually always something going on, whether it be making a movie or have guest lectures. You pretty much work till the end of the day. You can take small breaks though out the day.