Characteristics Of Mars

A narrow fan shaped, with dark streaks on steep martian, slopes were originally observed in viking orbiter images, but with a definite explanation was not possible because of the limitations. Spacecraft show innumerable examples dark slope streaks disturbed widely but not uniformly not across the brighter equatorial regions. There is also light and dark slopes.


The fourth planet from the sun and the third smallest planet. Mars is the last terrestrial or inner planet and has notable similarities to earth like our seasons. They might not have the sane ones we do but they do have seasons like earth.


Mars is is less dense than earth and has no magnetic field. Mars has a magnetic CORE and the air is mostly carbon dioxide. Mars' reddish i because of color is due to abundance of hematite in its surface rocks.
Mars Information
  • Mars is very close to the Earth. Mars sits between the asteroid belt and us. It remains close enough to the sun to give us light and heat. It is far enough away to be protected from any significant change in the sun's heat output.