Immigration Reform

By: Kirsten Massaviol

We are all human on the inside!

A brief overview...

Illegal immigration is becoming a bigger problem by the second, but the part we don't understand is why? Well basically, immigration reform is making immigration, and becoming a citizen easier. Since most of the illegal immigrants, (not including those with intentions of smuggling foreign products), want to have a job and live the life of an American, they cross the borders. Their dream is next to impossible with the strict laws of the US. That's where immigration reform steps in. Immigration reform is making getting into the United States (legally) easier!

The story of Leo Manzano

Leo Manzano sprinted the final straight of the 1500 meters, to go from sixth place to second, and become the first U.S. Olympic medalist at this event since Jim Ryun in 1968. Leo was born in Mexico, he moved with his family to Texas at the age of 4. This is when he first started running. His father had supported the family as a migrant worker, illegally crossing the border, quite often, to find jobs. Leo later became a U.S. citizen in 2004.

Argument Points


  • Many people believe that the illegal immigrants that are already in the US should not be rewarded with a citizenship.
  • Financial experts are worried that if a bill is passed, more people will move to the US, draining the resources.


  • Reform could raise GDP by $1,500 per person and reduce the debt by $2.5 trillion.
  • With immigration reform, we could have the families that were separated by deportation be reunited again.
  • Once they become citizens they can be treated fairly again. They would not have to be paid near to nothing to mow a lawn anymore, because they can't be taken advantage of anymore, the law is on their side.

In conclusion...

In the future, the government could create an easier way for people in foreign countries to legally enter and become citizens easier.

We are all humans on the inside!