Mrs. Fant's Ladybug Landing

December 2015

This month...

Throughout the month of December we will focus on the following:

Reading-Main idea and recalling key ideas, letter sounds, syllables

Math- Count numbers and sets to 20, classify and sort objects by numbers

Science- Earth systems, structures, and processes

Social Studies- Change over time, maps and our surroundings, holidays around the world

Thankful For YOU!!!

Thank you to everyone who made our feast so wonderful! We had a delicious lunch and enjoyed our time together! Thank you for sending in food, drink, paper products and for volunteering your time!

Important Dates

Dec.3rd- PTA Meeting and 4th Grade Musical

Dec.10th- Decorate Gingerbread Houses

Dec. 18th- Holiday Party

Dec.21st -Jan.1st- Winter Break