Designed By Lee-Anne McLeod, Vaani Khare, Ishaan Thandi

About The Product

Different. That's what we are striving for. From the design, the paint job, and the purpose. As busy students, keeping track of all the books and assignments we have acquired over the years, it can get quite messy, which is why we have designed a bookshelf that is practical for any space/room. With proper technique, we were able to achieve a light purple, pastel yellow, light blue, dark blue and white paint splatter pattern. It can store textbooks, duo-tangs, binders etc., it's the perfect bookshelf for students who need a storage unit!

"It doesn't make much difference how the paint is put on as long as something has been said. Technique is just a means of arriving at a statement."

-Jackson Pollock
Big image
The Technique bookshelf full of books,

Before blue and white paint layer was added

Big image
The Technique bookshelf,

Blue and white added, colours are contrasting against the brown

Why SickKids?

Our charity of choice is SickKids. An organization that is donated to a lot, however, we think they are an amazing organization that does great things. By donating the money we receive from the auction, we will be helping to afford new materials for the kids in need at SickKids, we'll be helping to improve the lives of those who are regularly in one of the SickKids hospitals.

Starting bid is $10