Antwerp, Belgium

Emily I


Could you image waking up and looking out the window to see beautiful view of tall buildings? Well if you live in Antwerp you could see that every day. They have the lovely flower in my opinion. I know this because my grand parents went to this town and saw the flowers.

the population and luanguages

As in all Flemish provinces, the official and standard language of the Antwerp province is Dutch. Common with Flemish Brabant. Also the population of the city is 510,610 and the metro population is 1,007,127.
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The north tower (1518-1530)

history of Antwerp, Belgium

This town was one of the wealthiest city in the world in the 1500s. Until world war 2, destroyed the city badly. Antwerp is an essential that is part of a huge harbor complex. The harbor installations grew after world war 2.


Basically out of this you learned all about Antwerp, Belgium and the history, languages, population, and it's beautiful tall buildings with it's amazing flowers.