Amendment Project

Amendments 1 and 2

Amendment 1

Freedom of Speech, Religion, Press, Assemble, and Petition
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Explanation of Amendment 1

The government will not choose between any religion, and every person is free to practice his or her religion peacefully. Every citizen has the right to express his/her opinion freely and without criticism.

Freedom of Speech

History: They created freedom of speech because many people would be told what to say and when they could say it, but that doesn't mean they could say anything they wanted. The couldn't do libel or slander.

Current Use: Freedom of speech is used to respect what others say to people. Freedom of speech also sets limits on what people say. For example you can't walk into a movie theater and scream "fire" for your own amusement. It is wrong and people will take it the wrong way.

My Opinion: I think free speech is a good thing, but it has to have its limits. I say when you use free speech you also have to be careful about what you say. If not you can be doing libel or slander.

Freedom of Religion

History: Freedom of religion was created because some people back in the day were not allowed to practice the religion they believed in. The were forced to practice whatever religion the king believed in.

Current Use: Freedom of religion is currently used because some many people practice different religions and everyone respects what everyone else practices even if it is not their religion.

My Opinion: My opinion on freedom of religion is that it definitely should be in the amendments. Freedom of religion allows people to express their beliefs and ways they do things. It doesn't single anyone out, it allows everyone to be accepted for who they are.

Freedom of Press

History: Freedom of press was created so people can right things so they can spread quickly. This clause is understood as stopping the government from interfering with the printing and sharing of information or opinions, although freedom of the press is subject to some restrictions like copyright.

Current Use: Freedom of press is used when people right things in newspapers, magazines, and websites. When people do write this stuff they make sure one, it is true, two it does hurt anyones reputation, and three it is not illegal.

My Opinion: I do like freedom of press, but i feel that no madder how un-hurtful and truthful you think it is, your never sure and bad stuff always happens.

Freedom of Assembly

History: The freedom of assembly is used to protect groups of people to express their ideas without taking the risk to petition to the government. They can assemble no madder how hateful the thing is they are assembling about.

Current Use: This amendment is used today to secure us to not back down when we want to gather and agree about stuff.

My Opinion: I really like freedom of assembly because some people will be scared to face the government alone, but since people have the right to assemble they can make great changes to the world.

Right to Petition

History: The king wouldn't listen to his people so the founders said they needed to have a right to petition against this.

Current Use: People use the right to petition to stand up for something and people commonly do that during election time when the president that wins is not the one they voted for they make a petition for a re count because they think that there was a mistake.

My Opinion: I think that the right to petition give us people a way to contribute to things happening in the world. I like that any person can make a petition and so many people contribute to it.

Amendment 2

Right to bear arms
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Explanation of Amendment 2

Amendment 2 basically states that you can have weapons without punishment, but that doesn't mean you can go around killing people. The government basically trusts you with weapons if you have a clear history.

Right to bear arms

History: Right to bear arms was created because people needed to protect themselves, and government said they could not have weapons. The founding fathers then said they needed an amendment to change this so people could protect themselves.

Current Use: Right to bear arms is very important today. We use it to protect ourselves and others from kidnappers, terrorists, and murderers, but we do need permission or a license before using armed weapons.

My Opinion: I think that right to bear arms gives us a way better life because we can protect ourselves in any situation, but i do like some restrictions on bear arms like a license in order to purchase weapons.