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Is cloning healthy for animals?

Most of the times when they try to clone 95% of the time it fails,but when it goes successfully some of the times the animals come out with something wrong with them like developmental delays, heart defects, lung problems and malfunctioning immune systems.
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Is cloning Good period, animal or human?

I would say yes to the animal part because there's many animals out there that are going extinct such as Polar Bears, Giant Pandas, Rhinos, Snow Leopards etc..

But humans is messed up.Like say your grandma dies, and you clone them you would know it's not them and it would be weird,you would be talking to it an it would feel weird because it's not the same person.

Is it possible to clone extinct animals?

Well it's kinda happened before.In 2003 a spanish and french scientist brang a bucardo back to life from what the article says.But then a little bit after it was alive it died again and became extinct once again.From the research I did i couldn't find anything else on any more extinct animals being cloned.