Meghan Hutter

Argentina's Resources and Economy

Q - What makes Argentina one of the most industrialized countries in South America?

A - Agriculture and farming are very important in Argentina. They grow large amounts of wheat, corn and sunflower seeds. They have lots of prairies called the pampas, which are home to many of Argentina's cattle and sheep. Argentina is famous for beef worldwide. Industries such as food, cars, fabric, and chemicals are also an essential part of the economy.

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Juan Peron Era

Q - What did Juan Peron have to do with Argentina's history?

A - Juan Peron was a former army officer (military leader). He was elected president in 1946 because he promised to help Argentina workers. Peron's second wife, a former actress, was popular with many Argentinians because she gave a lot to charities that supported woman's rights. She died in of cancer in 1952. Peron died in 1974. Many people disagreed with Peron's policies because they ruined the economy. Juan Peron had a lot to do with Argentina's history.

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Argentina's Culture

Q1 - What special holidays do Argentinians celebrate?

A1 - They celebrate carnival. Many people from the north celebrate it. It's a time to enjoy family and have a good laugh. People dress in fancy costumes. They sing, dance, and parade around.

Q2 - Why are gauchos the national symbol of Argentina?

A2 - In the 19th century gauchos were Argentinian cowboys. They roamed the pampas, caring for the animals. They tamed horses and herded cattle.

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Argentina's Geography

Q - Why are the the pampas such a popular ranching location?

A - Since agriculture is such a big part of Argentina's economy, they need a lot of land to grow crops. The pampas has flat land area and fertile soil- perfect for growing crops.

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