Top 4 amazing capes and peninsulas

By Nick.B

These are facts about FABULAS capes and peninsulas

Peninsulas are is piece of land that is almost entirely surrounded by water but is connected to land on one side. Capes are narrow features that jut into a body of water.

The Narrow peninsulas

The Narrow peninsulas in Baga California strait land and small. Only a lighthouse can fit on it and boats get warned that there is land there to dock their boats or dock there to fix their boat.

The cape of good hope

The cape of good hope in south Africa is thought to be on the southern tip but cape Agulhas is there but they are both in south Africa and it would not be a very good place to live because it is very rocky there.

Cape Agulhas

Cape Agulhas in South Africa is 150 miles away from good hope and it is very rocky there and as I said about cape Agulhas in the Cape of Good Hope it would not be a very good place to live.

Cabo San Lucas cape

the Cabo San Lucas cape is in Mexico. It looks like a fish hook or pointed sand and it was formed by the collision of ocean currents and it would be a very good place because it is not rocky,there it is quiet,and there is no lighthouses so boats wont dock there.