movie theater

About the LuAdDaMi theater!

Our movie theater has about 78 rooms and 1 million chairs in the whole theater. It has a game room. It has 36 snack bars. It has 24 bathrooms. The theater is 3 million yards long and 1 million yards high. It has a daycare for children and babies. Our theater has a girls room with makeup and a boys rooms with video games.


We have a very big variety of snacks here they are. Popcorn, skittles, soda, almonds, chocolate bar, water, slushies, hersheys, war heads, nachos, hot dogs, pizza, chips, lemon heads, pudding, cookies, twinkies, and last but not least ice cream. Also all snacks are half off!!!!

List of Movies!

The Croods                                  Shrek                                     How to Train a Dragon 2The Croods 2                               Shrek 2                                  Men in Black 5  Ironman                                       Shrek 3                                  ChimpanzieIronman 2                                    Shrek 4                                  Chimpanzie 2Iron man 3 man of steel             Shrek 5                                  Chimpanzie 3Ironman 4                                    42                                           BraveDespicable me                            Spiderman                             Brave 2Despicable Me 2                         Spiderman 2                          Reel Steal 2Paranorman                                Spiderman 3Paranorman 2                             Spiderman 4Avengers                                     Spiderman 5Avengers 2                                  How to Train a DragonRioRio 2Never eat sour wormsNever eat Sour Worms 2Toy StoryToy Story 2Toy Story 3Toy Story 4Toy Story 5