America is Injustice

Damonde Woodmore P.6


For those who aren't aware Injustice means unfair treatment or a situation in which the rights of a person or a group of people are ignored. Over the past decade with the help of video cameras we've experienced numerous forms of injustice in which the accused goes unpunished or serves minimal time. Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, and Oscar Grant are vivid examples of this topic in which minimal to no punishment was issued.We have grown so prone to situations like these involving a certain ethnicity which is mostly black we look the other way and choose to not open up.This is why whether we choose to believe it and/or accept it... America is Injustice.

Visual Representation

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You're probably assuming that I just didn't care enough to print out these pictures in color,but I intentionally did this.These pictures are in black and white because in each of these victims cases color wasn't a factor when it came to justice being served.As much as most of us as american citizens get along and live peacefully in society when it comes to a person getting killed by a cop or a person with evil intentions we choose to not give opinions based on the color of the victims skin.This is because when it comes to justice and law enforcement we pretend to be colorblind.This problem is because we don't want to be called biased,racist,or prejudiced towards one race, and we feel like one race is more innocent than the next.Color is involved only when it comes to making assumptions of someone based on their appearance.This is why America is and forever will be Injustice.


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