Eliminating Sugar in 21 Days

Taylor Lacey

Article Summary

In the article titled “How to eliminate sugar from your diet in 21 days” by Jacqueline Andriakos, a three-week to-do list is presented with step by step instructions of how to go sugarless in your diet. This article was featured in Fox News Health topics on April 2nd, 2016, but was originally posted on Health.com. The article initially discusses the difference between natural sugars and added sugars, and why it is so beneficial to eliminate the added from your diet. Tips such as ridding the pantry of sugar packed foods and combining sugar free products to the sweet versions are just a few of suggestions provided. The article draws the conclusion that sugar can be completely eliminated from an individual’s diet within three weeks simply by following these step by step instructions.

Article Critique

The author of this article does not appear to have any credentials indicating they are any sort of health professional. References, however, is included to a registered dietitian, physician, and researcher that appear to have been consulted for the information provided in this article. The article is sponsored by Fox News, a common news source for many individuals. The article does appear to be well written. It is very clear and concise and provides practical solutions to a common problem. The conclusions of the article do not seem to be misleading. The majority of the information provided in the article is based off of scientific evidence and is supported by a medical professional as well. I thought this article was very well organized and realistic. They took common things, such as making sure you clean out the pantry of the sugary items and putting post its on sweeteners to act as a “red flag” when using them. These both address common problems such as eating what food you happen to have available and not being aware of the amounts of sugar we are regularly using with common added sweeteners. I also liked that they included long term plans. Fad diets come and go so quickly, but a lifestyle change is ultimately the solution. By suggesting slow, gradual changes, as well as practical permanent solutions allows this to be something you practice on a regular basis, and eventually becomes habit. While the author herself was not a medical professional, she seemed to put in the effort to provide reliable information from the professionals in the field. One thing I did not like about this article was the surrounding suggested ad and articles. Articles such as a story about a mom who was expecting one baby and delivered five, or a viral video of a girl dancing, make it very hard to trust the validity of this source. Overall, this article ended up being a better source of information than I anticipated. While it could have included more medically based suggestions if it had been written by a medical professional, it did seem to provide a good basis of information and steps in the right direction for those who would like to eventually eliminate added sugars from their diet.