Pencey Prep

Molding innocent teenage boys into phonies since 1888

Do you really want to send your kid to a school filled with a bunch of phonies?

The school always advertises the students of Pencey as a hot-shot guy riding a horse and jumping over a fence. The Football players are the worst, and they're always acting like a bunch of phonies.
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The teachers are always putting you down

The teachers are always telling you the bad things about you and never try to cheer you up.

It's kind of sad like, when someone will give a oral report or speech and he/she digresses, the teacher will tell the class to yell out digression! It's almost like the teacher is letting you make fun of that person.

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Everyone is a crook

Everyone is a crook at Pencey. Some kids came from wealthy families but most are just crooks. The more expensive the school is the more phony people are going to be.
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