Thomas Hobbes

Thomas Hobbes is one of England's most influential philosophers.

Biography Information

He was born April,5 1588 and died December,4 1679.He went to Oxford University where he studied classics.His job was a philosopher.

He lived in a time of uncertainty,his father was forced to flee London when he was four.

He is also most known for his political philosophy.

Beliefs on Goverment

Thomas Hobbes believed that an absolute monarchy a goverment that gave all power to king or queen was best.


Thomas Hobbes said during the time men live without a common power to keep them all in awe,they are in that condition called war,and such a war,If every man aginst every man.

An Opponent

John Locke because he believes philosophical and biblical constitutionalism.

Most Popular Book

Thomas Hobbes is known for writing The Leviathan