SHS Library News

Without libraries what have we? We have no past & no future.


We have 38 new books that are currently on the Barnes & Noble Teens Best Sellers list! Check out the display at the entrance of the library. I think many teachers could enjoy some of the new books as well!

Library Enhancement Funds voted on by the faculty have been spent! Items from teacher wish lists have all been ordered! Eight resources for Science teachers, Eight resources for History teachers, Kuta software for the Math department, and 28 novels for the English department either have or will be arriving any day now!

Call on your librarian....

Assigning your students a research project? Want to come up with an exciting project for your students using multiple types of resources (electronic, digital, print, etc.)? Allow Mrs. Willard to help you! She can create handouts, power points, path finders, and library resource lists to accompany your student assignments as well as teach classes on various topics related to research, citations, website reliability, library orientation, and more!