Laura Kaeppeler

By;Terra Madison Harney


Did you know Laura kaeppeler was Miss Kenosha, Miss Southern Wisconsin, Miss Wisconsin, and Miss America?

Early Years

Laura Kaeppeler was born March 2,1988 and her parents were Jeff and Sue Kaeppeler. Laura was also the only baby Jeff Kaeppeler and Sue Kaeppeler had in their life time on everybody's earth. Laura went to St. Joseph high and Cartage Collage.

Middle years

Laura Kaeppeler graduated from collage with a bachelor's degree in Music and loved to play the piano and also won the Thomas Mott Osborne Medal from the Osborne Association and was in a swimming suit contest and in a beauty pageant when she won Miss america

Miss America roll

Laura Kaeppeler's roll for Miss America was from January 14, 2012 through January 12, 2013.
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This is why I wanted to tell you about her in her life and by the way she is 27 years old now and is going to run for Miss America again