Physical Therapy

My Dream Job

About this Job

This job helps train your muscles to work the same after you are hurt. It helps heal your body. If you are a physical therapist for athletes, then when they get hurt, you work on that muscle they hurt and train it to work the same again. Also, if you have a stroke, then they train your body to work the same again. Their mimimum wage is $78,270, but to have this job youhave to have a masters degree. This job has gone up faster than average, 21%. People who hire physical therapist are Health Net, Kaiser Permanete, and U.S. Army! Physical therapist have a big jobs!

What We Need To Have

Education & Personality

You have to have the minimum masters degree. This includes biology, chemistry, physics, geometry II, pre-calculus, english, physiology, biomedical science, & a foreign language. Also, you rpersonality has to be patient. you have to explain complex ideas in a simple language, compassion, and good interpersonal skills, & a desire to help people that are sick and hurt. physical therapist has a big job but its worth it!