Articles of confederation

Karla Gonzalez

Articles of Confederation

The articles of confederation were Americas first government .They were weak because America did not want another King.


The strengths of the Articles were Gov. Led the country during the Revolution war. Another strength was passed land Ordinance 1785 .Also negotiated the treaty of Paris at the end of war. Finally passed the Northwest Ordinance 1787


The weaknesses of the Articles were Gov. Had no power to enforce laws . Another lacked power to ley y taxes . Also lacked power to regulate trade among the states . Finally required all 13 states to approve changes in the Articles.

Northwest Ordinance

The Northwest Ordinance was a law that helped territories become states . It is important because a plan for every territory to become a states .A positive effect was territory became states .A negative effect was you had to have 60,000 people.

Shays Rebellion

Shays Rebellion was caused by farmers are being sent to jail b/c of taxes .An effect of Shays Rebellion was led the militia to the court house no court - no jail .A positive effect from Shays Rebellion was no more Articles of Confedereration.A negative effect was put farmers in jail and took away their land.