Life In The Trenches

Trenches Of War, The Graves Of Mud

Life In The Trenches

Life wasn't very sunny in the trenches, nor people that lives in a middle of conflict. Trenches was a long slightly-underground bunker that was used by different countries of WW1. The trenches are basically a grave that was dug by the soldiers, many soldiers was killed in these trenches.

No man's land

No man's land is a section of land between one force's trench and another force's trench. No man's land would contain huge craters made by huge shells fired by big guns called artillery, these would often be filled with water from the rain. While walking on no man's land, you would see hundreds and thousands of dead corpse that was former soldiers. These soldiers could have died from gun fire, poison gas, grenades or explosions caused by the artillery or they could have drowned in the deep water in the craters.

A moment of silence for those who died in WW1