South America

Ecuador's history

There are many questions about Ecuador. One question might be who discovered Ecuador? Spanish forces were the ones who discovered Ecuador. Many might ask when did they discover Ecuador? The Spanish forces have discovered Ecuador in the early sixteenth century.

Ecuador's culture

Many different places have many different cultures. Ecuador is different then our culture in many different ways like there clothing and there food. Ecuadorians eat many kinds of foods like Locro, Caldode de Patos, Llapingachos, Churrasco, Fritada, Cuy, Ceviche, and for dessert they have Helado de Paila. For their clothing Ecuador people wear what we wear in the summer most of the time ( shorts and t-shirts ). They also wear a traditional dress called a Shimba a long braid that hangs nearly to a man's waste.

Ecuador's geography

Some people my ask " what is the highest mountain" others might ask " What is the lowest valley" what I wonder is ... "Is there any land below sea level in Ecuador?" The highest mountain in Ecuador is in fact the Chimborazo mountain which is 20,561 feet high. The lowest valley is the Andean valley. Since the sea level has rose at least 120 meters since the last ice age some of Ecuador's land went under water/ sea level.

Ecuador's economic and resources

There are many minimal exports in Ecuador. A major export is petroleum. Ecuador exported about 111 million barrels of petroleum. Petroleum used for many things. One thing petroleum could be used for is petroleum gas. There are many other minerals and they can also be used for many other things.
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