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...soon to be Bludau's Babbles (?)

Library Newsletter

Welcome back!

First off, if you know a better "B" word than "babbles", I'm up for suggestions- it's all I could think of!

This is a monthly newsletter I started last year. Typically, I send this out in the beginning of the month, but the library has been so busy I've just now gotten to it! This short newsletter will have updates about the library and some fun other things. If you have any suggestions please send them to me at jennifer.pope@lgisd.net

Things Jennifer Can Help You With

-Compile books, resources, and websites for your lessons

-Do book talks in the classroom or at the library

-Assist with research

-Teach a STEM activity with your class in our Makerspace! (see info. below)

-Co-teach a lesson/unit in the classroom or at the library

-Help with planning

-Help any other way I can!

What resources does the library offer?

•Fiction, Nonfiction, and Biography books

•Reference Books

•Professional Room- professional books, lamination (fee)


•A/V supplies


•Leveled readers (in the reference room)




We started a mini-Makerspace last year that was open to our 4th-6th grades. This year, it is open to the entire campus!

Teachers: If you want a fun STEM lesson as an extension to go with your unit, come see me. I have resources for science, math, reading, etc... I'm working with 2nd grade in 2 weeks- we're doing a STEM activity to go with their folktale unit!

4th-6th grade teachers: The Makerspace will still be open for those kiddos you'd like to reward.

Technology Thursdays

We will be hosting Technology Thursdays here in the library the second Thursday of each month. Here's what is planned so far:

September 8: Google Classrooms, Google Forms

October 13: Digital Research Resources

Coming Up...

PreK and Kinder: Library manners, book care, parts of a story

1st: Book care, good fit books

2nd: Good fit books, finding books in the library

3rd: Library Detectives

4th-6th: Bluebonnet books

*Dot Day is September 15th! All week the library will be doing fun activities to celebrate.

*If there are any TEKS or genres you'd like me to focus on, please let me know.