Reading Logs Coming Home Today!

Let the reading begin!

So.....What do we do with the logs?

The reading logs will come home nightly in the home folder. The reading expectation is around 20 minutes an evening for at least 5 of the 7 days of the week. I believe that family time comes first and so the 5 of 7 should allow for events and special evenings. Reading to your child, your child reading with a sibling, or a sibling reading to your child all count toward logged time. I do ask that if a child is reading independently, that they are reading good fit books. A good fit book is a book that they can understand and read a page with 5 or fewer mistakes on it. If you wish to check if your child's book is a good fit, open the book to the middle and have your child read a page to you. 5 or fewer mistakes with understanding means that it's probably ok. The log needs to be returned daily.

Homework packets starting next week!

More about packets......

Beginning next week(9/9), instead of daily homework, your child will receive a packet of homework for the week. It is your choice if you want them to do assignments nightly or weekly. If you wish to do them nightly, please tear off the finished page and return it in their home folder. The packet is due on Monday of the next week.