6 Things You Need to Know About

Getting a Dog/Puppy

Do you really want a dog/puppy?

When getting a dog you need to make sure that you really want one and that you are really gonna take care of it. Dogs/puppies need a lot of attention and need a lot care. If you're getting a puppy you need to realize that the puppy will have accidents and you will need to clean it up. You will have to potty train it and you will have to train them to do whatever you want them to do like sit, stay, drop it, come here, etc. With that in mind you need to know if you're ready to take on a huge responsibility.

Takes up a lot of time

Before you consider getting a dog or a puppy make sure that you have enough time to take care of one. Dogs and puppies have a lot of responsibility. You have to make sure that you're giving them a lot of attention, taking them outside, feeding them, etc. If you are working a ton or you're never home then you probably aren't ready to have a dog.

Choose the right breed

There are tons and tons of different dogs out there. Some are big some are small and some have lots of fur some don't. You also want to consider the color, gender, or if it's gonna be hypoallergenic. This needs to be considered when choosing the right dog for you and your family.

Get lots of toys

This rule especially applies to the puppies they're constantly chewing on stuff that you don't want them to be chewing on such as shoes, cords, rugs, etc. Toys are also good just for play time.


If you're getting a dog you need to know that you have to set boundaries for he/she. This could be limiting the rooms he/she can go in, how often they go outside, them being able to go on furniture, when they should play, etc.

Are you financially able to get a dog/puppy?

Dogs are expensive. You need to be financially ready to get dog food, toys, accessories
(leash, collar, clothes, etc.), grooming, vaccines, doctor appointments, and lastly the cost of the dog which can get really expensive.


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