Unit 2 Summative Competency

Zack Halloran

Section 1-- Analysis

Humans Migrate when they are pushed away from where they were originally because of natural disasters, war, or the economy is not doing well. They could also get pulled to another place because of it`s population, desired weather, or job opportunity. They usually move for their own benefit to live better instead of where they are now. In the future they would be more reasons to move because of the changing whether and plans for the world.

Humans create cultural mosaics to define who they are and what they stand for like their language, nationality,or religion. Mosaics are usually pictures that are made up of smaller images or a object that has different things in parts of the object.

Humans balance the forces of cooperation and conflict among different social groups because there may be a disagreement between both groups or they could want a agreement for a short period because they want trade or help. When two countries don't get along because they think differently they usually have some conflict or disagreement (EX. U.S and Russia), when they both have the same choices and beliefs. (EX. U.S and UK)

Section 2--Application

Humans migrate out of their country when they are pushed out like Syrian refugees when their country got invaded by ISIS and is looking for a new home. Syrian refugees where pushed from their homes because of bombing attacks and terrorists and where they want to go is anywhere else.

Humans create cultural mosaics in their town mostly to represent their nationality. They create it off of their own material or they have a store make it for them and the people keep it as a memento.

Humans balance the forces of cooperation and conflict among different social groups from all around the world either helping each other or attacking each other. Every war and alliance has been cooperation and conflict between social groups. (EX. Vietnam war and Korean war). In the future the will probably more human migration due to global warming, more terrorist attacks, and, disease. People will also not cooperate as much with all the terrorist groups and even worse leaders that are coming into office. Humans in the future will make cultural mosaics that represent this time instead of in the 18 or 1900s.

Section 3-- Transfer

My family migrated to Quebec, Canada because we had family members there, we moved back to New Hampshire because of colder weather and we had a worse lifestyle. Now we live in Derry and there is no sign of moving soon.

My father's side of the family had a cultural mosaic that has been there for many years and I don't know when it was made and who made it, but it represents what my family liked. It had three blue birds on top a horse in the middle and at the bottom it said O,Halloran because that is how most Irish people spell their names if they where in places like Ireland it was also was colored with red and in the shape of a shield.

How I balance my cooperation and conflict between social groups is that I try to make friends with everyone that hangs around me and the friends that I already had and if someone tries to create a disagreement with me then we will not be friendly with each other until conflict was settled. This will probably stay the same until I am an adult If not than longer.

Bullets and Ballots

I was in the U.S group and our plan was to stay neutral and quiet throughout the game. We signed treaties to protect the peasants and team with the army & wealthy to kill guerrillas and the government. At the end we invaded and selected the peasant president and vice president to lead the country but the whole country revolted and kicked the U.S out.

The power was mostly with the army & wealthy with the government behind them and the U.S staying where they were. The guerrillas were funded by Cuba in exchange for going to communism.

The guerrillas where funded by Cuba in exchange for them going for communism and most other groups got it from trading or earning it. The guerrillas and the government teamed up against the U.S and the army & wealthy there was also treaties to protect peasants and to cooperate to take down another side. There was also betrayals at the end where the U.S tried to invade and had to betray the army & wealthy to do it.