By: Hayden Calloway

Helen Hunt Jackson

  • Was an american poet and writer who became a activist on behalf of improved treatment of Native Americans by the U.S. government.
  • Some of her most famous writing was A century of Dishonor, and Ramona In both of those she put in how bad they were treated by the government.
  • Because she played a role in getting native americans equal treatment she will be in the history books.
  • Down below is a picture of her.
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Morill Act

  • What this was essentially is "an act donating public lands to the several states and territories which may provide colleges for the benefit of agriculture and mechanical arts".
  • Justin S. Morill is the man that wanted all this to take place and was the one that made the bill that president lincoln would sign.
  • It gave states 30,000 acres of federal land for each member in congressional legislation. 69 colleges were funded because of this.

Pendelton Act

  • This act stipulated government jobs should be awarded on the basis of merit.
  • This act made it illegal to fire or demote government employes for political reason.
  • It provided selection of government employes competitive exams, rather than ties to politicians or political affiliation.
  • The act was sponsored by George H. Pendelton.

Jacob Riss

  • He was a danish american social reformer, journalist and social documentary photographer.
  • He argued for better housing, adequate lighting, sanitation, and the construction of city parks and playgrounds.
  • He wanted people to help the other half which is the poor people and when you saw them you help in any way possible since they had a active role in defining and shaping their communities.
  • He believed that all people should have a chance to improve their standard of living no matter their economic standard.
  • Down below is a picture of Jacob Riss.
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