Do You Want To Be President?


be a natural born citizen of the united states

be at last 35 of age

been a citizen for at least 14 years


- compensation for their time served

- the best health benifits available

- large staff for anything you may need

- move into the white house wich is equipped with anything you may need from a movie theater to a putting green

- gain the use of air force one wich is the presidents personal aircraft it carrys over 70 people and is equiped with an office, bathroom, bedroom and a workout room

even after your term as president you will continue to recive many benifits such as...

- personal security for life

- pension wich is currently $199K

- paid travel of up to $1MM

- also an allowence of $4MM anualy for 30 months after the 6 month transition then you will receive $150k in post-presidential staff pay thenafter that you will recive $96k a year

Skills you will need

1. Consensus building-
as a leader you will need to be able to mediate between several different people/party

2. the ability to make clear decisions-
the president should be able to clearly make tough decisions that can impact our nation as a whole if we need it

3. be able to put together effective tiger teams-

the president needs to be able to form top notch teams that will work together effectivly on americas biggest problems

4. encourage conflict resolutions-

5. the ability to conduct high stakes or open meetings-

6. to be able to communicate with the people a clear vision-

while try able to handle necessary changes for our country-

8.communicate with the people to give them motivation-

9. establish a trust between the people and the government-

10. negotiate the term of your presidency-

11. be able to put in place goals-

12. manage all sorts of people and different personalities- the best leader one can be-

10 Poweres given to the president by the constitution

What you can do as president

As president you have many powers granted to you by the constitution and with those powers there are many ways you can use them. Such as if you wanted a bill on gun control or you could even pass a bill on immigration if you feel there is a need. A more complete Example of how you could put these powers in to practice would be...


you could pass a law on the new bathroom situation that is happening although as president you can't just create a law; you would need to propose the bill to congress first and have a congressman create the bill. To make this possible you would use a couple of your powers given to you through the constitution such as. Calling congress into a special session to propose the idea, then using your power to pass it into law or if you do not like it deny the bill. If congress agrees it needs to be passes and 2/3 agree you can then use your pocket veto to put it down.

address congress stating a idea for a bill saying that you feel it is necessary for there to be a law portraying to the bathroom situation. You can then state it should include something along the lines of the following. In order to go to the bathroom it must say that sex on there birth certificate. If you got an operation changing your sex, at the end of the operations you can get a card with your picture on it like a driver license ID, that would allow you to legally use the opposite sexes bathroom. if anyone would comment on your presence you would then present the ID to the store. The ID will only be obtainable at the end of the final operation.