Webinar Follow Up

NGSS 3 Dimensions


If you did not get a chance to provide us feedback on your NGSS 3 Dimensions webinar, please do so by clicking not the link below. The feedback survey can be completed with in 5 minutes. Thank you.

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Taking the Next Step!

Thank you for attending NGSS 3 Dimensions webinar provided by Genesee Intermediate School District in Flint, Michigan.

As mentioned during the webinar, we are following up with resources and additional information so that you can re-visit what you learned and continue your study of implementing the three dimensions.

Below you will find links to the following information:

  1. National NGSS PLN
  2. HS Life Science Unit designed by Tricia Shelton and colleagues
  3. NGSS Instructional Shifts document
  4. NGSS Development Overview
  5. How to Select and Design Materials that Align to the NGSS
  6. NGSSchat Shared Resources

Webinar Recording Link

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