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Expanding into Greater Awareness

Creativity, Body, Sexuality, Money, Peace, Kindness, Hopes and Dreams plus many more

How many ways do you limit your life and what is possible for you by entertaining fixed points of view about life and living? What if there was so much more possible than you have not yet even considered? Would you like to participate in a class exploring and uncreating points of view in each area of the Access Bars® Points?

Prerequisite for this class

This class is for people who have participated in a 'Learn to run the Bars' class previously...If you would like to join in this class I will be offering Bars classes regularly and in negotiation with you re times and days...Bars classes will be offered one to one, small and or large groups depending on demand..

All of life comes to me with Ease and Joy and Glory

Access More of You with Corinna Hartmann

To register for this class or a 'Learn to Run the Bars' class, contact Corinna Hartmann